3 Way Hex Wrench Spanner Tool (BT-02) - NEW STOCK ARRIVED

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This is a brand new 3 Way Hex Wrench bike tool 4, 5, and 6mm! Many bike repair procedures call for one of these three allen sizes, such as replacing brake shoes, installing duel-pivot brake calipers, removing and installing derailleur pulleys and lock-on grips, and many, many more. A convenient staple for both the home and professional mechanic. Our latest versions are stronger and more comfortable. They fit perfectly in the palm of the hand and provide tremendous leverage. The rubber grip sits comfortably in your hand and has a non-slip finish. Hexes are made from 45# steel and are heat treated for long life. Tips of hexes are chamfered for a perfect fit.

Material: 45# Steel
Color: Silver with red rubber grip
Functions: 4 5 6 mm
Size: 7 cm (2.75") per arm
Weight: 62g

ITEM # : BT-02