Chain Cutter ( BT-04)

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As a rider, you mush have known that it's very common for your bike break down while riding, especially the chain. Then a bicycle tool is quite necessary. This bicycle chain tool will help you a lot to deal with the chain problem.Made of high quality steel material, this chain breaker tool is quite durable for long time use. Designed with a small size, this bicycle chain tool is quite convenient for you to take along and use. This bicycle chain tool can be used as play controllers to cut the chain and move the chain. What's more, the bicycle tool can be taken apart into small pieces so that you can pack it in your bag easily. Besides, this bicycle chain tool is easy to use. You can use it to repair the chain easily. With the good quality, the bicycle chain tool is a durable and helpful repair tool in your daily life when you ride a bicycle to go out. You will never worry about your bike out of order outdoors as the play controllers can help you repair your bike quickly. A must-have for anyone who likes riding, this bicycle chain tool will help you a lot. You can't miss it!

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ITEM # : BT-03

RM5.00 (W. Malaysia)
RM10.00 (Sabah & Sarawak)