Linnell's Mailroom Supplies Messenger Bag ( BG-44) SOLD OUT

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- medium size messenger bag
- Suitable for fixie lover, Bike commuter
- Lots of compartment including netbook compartment
- Suitable for putting netbook, tablet pc, ipad, galaxy tab, bike tools, books, cigarettes etc
- Replica model
- Normal Shoulder strap
- Perfect for school, uni, city, or everyday life

Michael Linnell, established in the year of 1972. If Michael Linnell is unfamiliar to most, that is because it isn’t a fashion label. Instead, Michael Linnell is a mailroom supplies manufacture, with the exception that it is the official supplier of postal carrier equipment for the Royal Mail of U.K. the past 30 years. Based of its function, Michael Linnell’s satchel are high qualities and large storage space but light weight. Michael Linnell gained highly evaluation from “Royal Mail” of U.K. furthermore, bunches of Japanese are the fans of Michael Linnell’s messenger bag.  

ITEM # : BG-44
Including poslaju